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Tuesday, 8 January 2013

GTA VC - Hill Valley Remake in Hati

                                                                    Parking Space       
                                                        CT + Hardwere + Club House


This map mod is for people who dont need the BTTF mod they need just hill valley, In my Hill Valley i have a island with A bridge to take you to Hill Valley Remake and it will have loads of things in the island. If there are any bugs like un-solid ground just post here or mail me... Download isnt available yet because i haven't finished making the island.

Monday, 7 January 2013

GTA Mod Vote.

Im making a vote because im not sure what to download for my GTA San Andreas. These are the votes :
GTA SA:Liberty City BETA 6
GTA SA:Liberty City BETA 7
GTA San Vice
GTA Alien City (Anderius)
 Mod-Pack RC8 Snow Andreas
If you can vote THX!!!!! (To vote you must have a GMAIL account in my site ( Thanks again sooo much :)

Sunday, 6 January 2013

GTA VC BTTF Hill Valley Clocktower in docks mod : I used MEd again but instead in ViceCity and in DOCKS i added the clocktower in this place. Download is not available yet so please wait till i comment that its ready to download.
Download my mod at : GTA Garage

GTA SA Base Map mod.

This is my first mod EVER!!!! i will post just 1 screenshot because this blog isnt HUGE -_-  ! Download this mod at : GTA Garage . Enjoy it and i will sure do download/make more mods!